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This week I did my second marketing push via

I love this company. I believe they are based in Ukraine and basically for a small fee they manage the process of posting software onto the hundreds / thousands of shareware sites, bringing valuable traffic and customers to my site. They have a great system that means that when they finally hit the go button your pad submission file has been thoroughly checked by them in order to maximise the chances of your product being accepted.

Some sited insist that you do a backlink on your site but that’s only fair and of course that is the one task that submit-everywhere cannot do for you. That’s OK though because as you get thousands of emails telling you that your product has been accepted onto a site you are fully motivated to get into it. I have found that literally dozens of the sites were basically the same site with a different name and I guess Google will give these site a very low ranking. After about a dozen I could complete the submission with my eyes closed.

It’s a great service and I thoroughly recommend them, I have used them twice now and the results have been great and the service even better. My first time around it took a while for me to get my pad file correct but this time I got there in two goes, one of my press releases was a touch too long in their opinion – and that’s another good point. They add real value by helping you get the file right by manually checking it. Some companies I am sure would just take your money and post any old rubbish you give them, I get the feeling these guys really care. Of course it pays because I went back. I am not an affiliate or in any way associated with them, just a happy customer.

Here is a selection of sites that responded really quickly to my listing request submission

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