Ongoing SEO

This week we re-launched the Polychrome website. The new look website is far more organised and the blog has been moved to a subdomain. The primary reason for this reorganisation is that whilst WordPress is an awesome blog engine it can be difficult to get fine-grained control of the search optimisation for individual pages. We were starting to find that we couldn’t quite achieve the high rankings we wanted for as many search terms as we wanted to target.

That said, it did give us an excellent vehicle for launching their website and with clever use of the various add-ins and some hard work we have achieved some excellent results in terms of search engine optimisation.

For almost 3 months now we have ranked in the top 10 results for a wide variety of search terms such as business software solutions, accounting software Auckland and business software for New Zealand.

We could not have achieved these results if we had not been using tools such as IBP but it is important to recognise that the tool is just that and it requires lots of effort and determination to get high rankings which ever tools one uses.

Some of the keywords in the Polychrome target of very heavily contested however we have still managed to squeeze less determined sites off the front page of Google.

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New Kalamazoo site goes live

Well after a month of solid effort we finally got live. We had more than our fair share of headaches with the people who were hosting it – mostly poor communication but we worked around that and the site is up.

The client is extremely happy which is always the most important test.

We are now three weeks on and the results of our search engine optimisation efforts are starting to bear fruit. We have been targeting around 15 key search phrases and for all the New Zealand search engine we now have at least five first page listings of which three are already ranked number one.

Obviously the higher ranked terms are for lightly contested keywords however even on the main search term which has 304,000 results we are already ranked at position 16.

Over the next few weeks we will put more effort into off-site promotion. To date our efforts are focused on on-site promotion such as page optimisation. This week we started adding the website to as many local directories as possible. These make great links as well as increasing the number of places where potential customers might find a client.

If you need help with your website optimisation is giving touch.