Attache PRO online store

Over the past 2 months I have developed a online store interface for Attache PRO. The store is the Interspire shopping cart system which currently runs over 8000 online stores including many household names. The interface transfers customers and stock each night and fetches new orders as they are received.

Most online stores rely on a simple email to the store administrators, but if you have a large number of orders this isn’t practical.

Just some of the additional benefits from the interface are

  • Images are transferred and thumb nails are automatically generated. When you have 1000’s of products this is a real life saver.
  • Categories are automatically generated allowing browse store by category.
  • Brands can be maintained within Attache and then transferred automatically, allowing browse store by brand
  • Orders are automatically transferred and imported into Attache preventing errors from rekeying of orders.
  • Can be configured as a private store, online customers with a valid login can see prices.

If you have Attache PRO and would like to trade online I can help you get your products online quick, easy and without breaking the bank.

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