SEO For a non SEO Client

What do you do when a client doesn’t want SEO?

Seriously that’s a question and I welcome your feedback.I have a few clients that work in a closed market. One sells spare parts for lawn mowers. There a limited number of mower companies in the country. He reckons he has over 98% of them as clients, so why bother looking for more on the internet? He knows who they are and there are a variety of reasons why he isn’t already selling to them. So what to do?

Well I guess not everyone actually needs SEO, and you can’t win them all.

As for the rest of the world, good SEO means free visitors to your web site and we all want that. But I want to remake a point I have made before, we don’t all need 1000 new visitors to our site every day. Surely what we really want is a 1000 new customers to our site.  This month I am launching two web stores, one is already live selling stationery products. They are both private stores so only existing clients can see the prices. I’ll write more about this soon. But back to my point… we need customers not visitors and that isn’t always done via SEO.

What we need is effective marketing for our business.

SEO and our website for that matter is only one part of that. Relying purely on one way to find customers is just plain crazy. There’s heaps you can do, here’s a few ideas

  • regular newsletters
  • cold calling
  • referrals
  • networking
  • local business association netwroking sessions

So my next question is – what have you done this month?

If you haven’t done at least one of the above then stop reading right now and go do something pro-active to grow your business.

Please post some feedback, tell me what you have done this year and what you are going to do…

More soon

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