Moved back to WordPress

Found that I just wasn’t getting around to adding content to the Polychrome website. Funny because I have done stuff for paying customers but we all know that if you go to a plumbers the tap will be dripping right?

Anyway, one thing I missed about running the website on WordPress was that I could add content where ever I wanted to and it didn’t need to be a big planned event, I could just grab the iPad and go for it. But I loved having the custom site developed in DreamWeaver because I had fine control over placement.

What to do? well I found a great product from PageLines and their template PlatformPro adds a heck of a lot of extra functionality to WordPress. Enough for me to feel that it was an acceptable compromise. I guess there is always compromise but this was pretty close to what I want – a couple of days effort and here we are.

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