When we work as a team we achieve more

Whilst we don’t sell accounting software ourselves, Tony spent over 6 years with Attaché Software New Zealand, three of those as the GM and the rest as the head of development, so we have a bit of experience and certainly lots of opinion! Tony has been involved in accounting and business software for over 21 years and even wrote his own suite while in the UK.

Polychrome works closely with Attache Software and Infusion Software, we develop custom systems that talk to their products and as we find these products great for that we have a tendency to prefer and recommend them. We do however, interface to other systems such as Accredo, ABM and MYOB so we won’t limit you.

When it comes to accounting software we are product neutral although naturally we have a bias and our focus is on data integration. We have developed a platform for accounting data migration and conversion and our suite of b2b tools allow unattended transfer of data to and from your  systems and integration to websites via FTP.

We are able to help you choose an accounting system and act as an independent adviser when reviewing your options. The New Zealand marketplace is very densely populated and for many it can be a daunting task when trying to choose the appropriate software. We are able to help you match your needs with the various offerings.

Custom Solutions and extensions

We have also developed a range of extensions and add ons for bot Attache PRO and Attache BI.

If you need a custom solution to extend the functionality of your existing accounting suite, please talk to us about what we can if you. The level of integration offered by most packages these days means that we no longer need to settle for an 80% fit. It is normally a fairly straightforward process to add a specific functionality you need. For example we have developed a barcode scanning based stock take system for Attaché PRO and a custom quotations module for Attaché 7.

Talking is good – find out how we can help

Call us today for a free consultation on your needs and to see if we can help. If we are not right for you then we can usually point you in the right direction. Call Polychrome on 09 282 3326 or email sales@polychromenz.com