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Starting out with Windows 8

So I wanted to start to get to understand Windows 8. So far so good. I needed a blank PC to run the test on as most of my PCs are set up very specifically. So I purchased a Samsung Series 7 tablet PC and installed Windows 8 and I have to say that I am […]

Resolving slow row inserts in vb.net

wow who would have thought, adding rows to a datatable with a strongly typed dataset is about 10 times faster than an untyped dataset. It’s definately worth the effort if you are importing large CSVs.   I was writing a smal lapp that takes the content from 3 CSV files and loads them into datatables. […]

Moved back to WordPress

Found that I just wasn’t getting around to adding content to the Polychrome website. Funny because I have done stuff for paying customers but we all know that if you go to a plumbers the tap will be dripping right? Anyway, one thing I missed about running the website on WordPress was that I could […]

Moved to new server

Hi there, we finally  moved servers. I think it’s important to practice what you preach, so we are now on the same servers as our customers. To be fair we only stayed on goDaddy for so long because originally I used their hosted Exchange product. Growth has meant that we set up our own server […]

PRO Scanner

One such project is a PRO scanner. It has been written for Attache PRO but it can be changed to work with most accounting systems and it could be extended to do more in terms of features. The first version has been written for a food company here in Auckland. They need to record the best before dates on products as they ship them. The system scans a special GS1-128 barcode that has the product expiry date encoded into it.

Bad Client = Bad Project

When a project goes wrong it can be all to easy to look around for someone to blame.

It is also, very easy to blame yourself and ask what could I have done differently. It is easy to see why

SEO For a non SEO Client

What do you do when a client doesn’t want SEO? Seriously that’s a question and I welcome your feedback.I have a few clients that work in a closed market. One sells spare parts for lawn mowers. There a limited number of mower companies in the country. He reckons he has over 98% of them as […]

Comment on Windows 7

A few things I would like to say without a huge debate I like Vista and have had a relatively good experience with it but I am still very excited about 7 as it is better I don’t think it’s fair to call Windows 7 what Vista should have been – 2-3 years on, all […]