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Whilst we don’t sell accounting software ourselves, Tony spent over 6 years with Attaché Software New Zealand, three of those as as the head of development and the remainder as the NZ General Manager. So we have a bit of experience and certainly lots of opinion! Tony has been involved in accounting and business software for over 21 years and even wrote his own suite while in the UK.

When it comes to accounting software we are product neutral although naturally we have a bias and our focus is on data integration. We have developed a platform for accounting data migration and conversion, our suite of b2b tools allow unattended transfer of data to and from your systems and integration to websites via FTP.

We are able to help you choose an accounting system and act as an independent adviser when reviewing your options. The New Zealand marketplace is very densely populated and for many it can be a daunting task when trying to choose the appropriate software. We are able to help you match your needs with the various offerings.

Custom Solutions and extensions

If you need a custom solution to extend the functionality of your existing accounting suite, please talk to us about what we can if you. The level of integration offered by most packages these days means that we no longer need to settle for an 80% fit. It is normally a fairly straightforward process to add a specific functionality you need. For example we have developed a barcode scanning based stock take system for Attaché PRO and a custom quotations module for Attaché 7.

Talking is good – find out how we can help

Call us today for a free consultation on your needs and to see if we can help. If we are not right for you then we can usually point you in the right direction. Call Polychrome on 09 282 3326 or email

Accounting Software Packages in New Zealand

These links are here to help you find the various packaged and in no way represent a recommendation by Polychrome Limited. The introduction text shown is generally the introduction shown on the page page we link to

Cashbook Complete has gone through explosive growth over the last two years with some 1000 downloads per week. The ease of use is by far our most common compliment. Hardly a day goes by without someone thanking us for finally making an accounting program which truly cuts the mustard as far as “ease of use” is concerned. User friendly screens and simple accounting terminology are used throughout the program.

Accredo is one of New Zealand’s leading accounting and business management software solutions, purpose-designed for small to medium-sized New Zealand companies.

CashManager is an accounting software product that has been designed by an accountant for people who have little or no accounting knowledge, but has enough power for an accountant to use it. The simplicity of the product ensures that everyday business people can manager their own accounts thus reducing costly accountants’ fees.

Attaché accounting and payroll software fills the gap between ‘off-the-shelf’ packages like MYOB and QuickBooks and complex enterprise (ERP) systems.

Attaché PRO (formerly Prophet Business Software) is New Zealand made SME accounting software for small to medium New Zealand businesses. It is a robust software package with practical functionality that goes beyond what other software companies offer. Attaché PRO is ideally suited to businesses with between 5 and 500 staff.

Greentree delivers low-cost high performance business software helping medium sized organisations maximize productivity, adapt to prevailing conditions, add value and effectively manage growth.

The Infusion range of software is designed to offer New Zealand business owners a comprehensive and informative software solution to manage their business. The Infusion software range is suitable for a wide variety of businesses and is currently used by over 1400 companies throughout New Zealand.

Exchequer is a fully robust and integrated financial and accounting system for New Zealand businesses. Exchequer’s range of modular suites are industry-specific tailored to suit your businesses needs and provides a powerful yet easy to use ERP, CRM and business management solution.

Microsoft Dynamics (TM) works like and with Microsoft software you already use. So your people adopt it quickly and work efficiently.

A cross platform product which is a real plus in some industries like design and media companies as well as education. Though the Mac has made real in-roads into other business types and Cognito have seen that it isn’t always who you expect to have a Mac.
Cognito have a nice set of COM interfaces should make it easy to talk to, so third party applications are available and growing. They have a large client base 15,000+ in NZ.
Grant is a very passionate MD who understands technology and is using it to drive the company.

MYOB provides tailored business solutions, including accounting software, payroll products and real-time business management tools, for your growing business.

MYOB EXO Business is an integrated business management system consisting of modules supporting finance, job costing, POS, fixed assets, customer management, reporting and inventory control.

QuickBooks Plus is the all in one product designed specifically to be your total small business accounting and small business solution. QuickBooks Plus is a dynamic product which includes all of the powerful functionality of QuickBooks Small Business plus.

Xero is an online accounting system designed for small businesses and their advisors.
It’s simple, smart and secure.

Have I missed you or your product?

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