Scheduled Data Transfer, b2b and b2c for SMEs.

Our suite of b2b tools for SMEs makes exchanging business data easy. We develop data integration solutions enabling your website to talk to your accounting system. Many companies have a website and almost all have an accounting system, so why are so few making them talk to each other? We can improve the way that you do business, we remove the tedium and let you get back to what really matters in your business, providing excellent service to your customers.

Our b2b business software solution for SMEs has been developed to allow smaller companies to talk to each other. Our simple tools allow regular transfer of data without the need for a custom solution. Now even small companies can afford to regularly export data for offline analysis or exchange it with their business partners. Our suite ofb2b tools provide the ability to carry out everyday tasks like exporting sales figures and then emailing the results to a group of people.

This project is a set of tools that together enable SMEs to perform unattended exporting of data and transfer the results via FTP or email. Each piece has it’s own page so click the links below to learn more about the various components.

Suite contents

  • CSV Maker to convert a CSV file from one format to another on a regular basis, use the CSV Maker to rearrange the order of columns and insert static text such as F9.
  • CSV Mapper to create a map file used by CSV Maker, enabling regular transformation of CSV files.
  • uFTP, unattended FTP transfer of files to and from FTP servers to allow data exchange with third parties.
  • ODBCExport, command line exporting of data from any ODBC data source for transfer to third party systems without the need to manually extract data in tools such as Microsoft Excel. Then use uFTP to send to a website or use the built in emailer to distribute data such as KPI extracts
  • Poly Scheduler, allows scheduling of all of the above and more on a repeating basis, with special repeat functions such as last working day of the month or last Friday in the month..
    • Windows Scripting, option for the scheduler to run Windows script to provide advanced control of the output for example to copy the exported data to another folder on your network.

A typical scenario used as an example in this documentation shows how you might download data from a web server to get new orders, transform the data into a format you can import and then copy the results to a folder ready for import. Then how to export the new purchases orders and send them via FTP. Last but not least, how to take a backup by running a shortcut.

The basic suite costs just $995 and includes email support for the first 3 months.

So what is it?

Business to Business or B2B is the process of business data exchange between two trading companies. It might be for example, the transfer of Sales Invoices from Company A to Company B where they are imported as Purchase Ledger invoices. Or Purchase Orders from Company A that are imported as Sales Orders. The Polychrome B2B suite has simple tools that can export data and send it to other companies on a scheduled basis and for most companies this flexible approach means that they can perform B2B without breaking the bank.

Isn’t that EDI?

EDI or Electronic data interchange is just an older term for pretty much the same thing. We prefer the term B2B because it is more general and suggests that the two businesses are co-operative rather than directive focused.

All sound too hard?

That’s OK we understand that this can be a little intimidating but for those of us who do this everyday it’s all very obvious. We offer consulting services at very reasonable rates so if you would like our help, we are happy to help, just contact us.

Need more?

We can develop custom B2B solutions (like we did for Hydraulink) if you need a module that provides specific functionality required by your business.

Want to try it out first?

We understand that you might want to take a test drive so click to download

Like what you see?

This price includes all of the b2b suite modules, CSV Conversion, ODBC Exporting, Scheduling, Scripting and Unattended FTP. Talk to us today and let us show you how you could use your web presence more effectively and improve the value of this vital business resource.

Buy now $995  NZ dollars and excluding GST.

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