Smart scheduling for businesses.

This is a tray based application that processes schedule files. The schedule files can be repeating and you have control over how often they are repeated etc. Each schedule can process multiple steps and each step can have multiple switches so that is can run most applications including the tools that form the Polychrome b2b suite.

Polychrome Scheduler queue

A convenient system tray icon menu allows access to settings and allows you to pause the schedule or create a new schedule.

Polychrome Scheduler in the system tray


The schedule files are located based on settings in the application configuration screen

Polychrome scheduler settings


Creating a schedule

The Add a Schedule screen lets you open an existing schedule to amend it or use it as a template. When you save a new schedule to the schedule folder then it is seen by the scheduler and it is added to the work list.


creating a schedule

Each step needs an action type an execution item and optionally, each step can have switches

In this example we have

  1. Get a file from the FTP server
  2. Get a file from the FTP server
  3. Get a file from the FTP server
  4. Use KFI Maker to convert the stock to a KFI file
  5. Export new Purchases to send to head office
  6. Take a backup
  7. Copy a KFI file for unattended KFI import


This example shows how the interaction with a web server to get new orders might work. Transforming them to KFI format and passing this to unattended KFI. Then how we would export purchases for head office and send them via FTP. Last but not least we take a backup by running a shortcut.

The schedule can be set to repeat a given number of minutes hours days etc. but it can also repeat

  • EndOfMonth

    Picks the last physical day of the month regardless of day.

  • LastWorkingDayOfMonth

    Picks the last working day regardless of what day of the week for example, the last working day may fall on a Monday.

  • LastFridayOfMonth

    Picks the Last Friday of the month. The last actual day of the month could be the following Tuesday.


Schedule definition



The type of action being performed.

  • EXEC – An executable or program
  • SCRIPT – A Windows Script file, Poly scheduler will pass the file specified in the Action to the Windows scripting host. The Windows script engine is very powerful.
  • SHORTCUT – Will run a windows shortcut file. This is particularly useful for running Attaché Archive.

For more info about scripting see


Tells the scheduler the name of the file to run.


The Scheduler can process multiple switches for each step. There is no limit on the number of switches other than those imposed by the operating system.

The scheduler handles the [DATE] keyword in switches. It will replace the keyword [DATE] with today’s date using the format defined in settings.

You could dynamically use the scheduler for example to get a file via FTP and then convert it to KFI using the CSV Maker and the copy it to the unattended KFI folder.


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