Scheduling custom actions.

The Polychrome scheduler can call the Windows scripting host application. This means that you can schedule any script that you can write with the Windows scripting model.

Scripts MUST be saved into the scripts folder.

The sample copyfile.vbs (supplied) is a vb script to copy a file from one location to another. As the scheduler handles the [DATE] keyword in switches, you can dynamically use the scheduler; for example to get a file via FTP and then convert it to KFI using the CSV Maker and then copy it to an unattended import folder. You do not need to manage the replacement of the [DATE] keyword, this will be done by the scheduler and the resulting switch is passed to your script. When you run the application it will replace any occurrence of the text [DATE] with the current date using the format specified in the supporting application configuration file.

This is how we handle moving results from our scheduled process to another location for further processing. You might ask, why not just make the file in the destination folder? That’s a great question and I’m glad you asked… because when the other program sees the file it will try to process it and that won’t work if the first program is still making the file. So we make the file and then copy it when it is done!

The Windows scripting application is very powerful and just means that you can handle those bizarre one off solutions without a custom solution but if you want a custom module we do that also.

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