Exchange data automatically with uFTP Unattended FTP

The uFTP executable is a tool to add the ability to copy files to and from and FTP server without user intervention. It bridges the gap between exporting data and getting it to a recipient it can also form part of an import process.

It is a command line tool that can be used by the Poly Scheduler. The command line switches are very simple.

Command line example

C:\Program Files\PolyB2B\config\uFTP.exe /<Site>=C:\Program Files\PolyB2B\Sites\stock.xml /<Dest>=PO-D20047-12823.TXT /<Source>=C:\Program Files\Polyb2bTools\outgoing\PO-D20047-12823.TXT /<Action>=PUT


/<Site>=C:\Program Files\PolyB2B\Sites\stock.xml


/<Source>=C:\Program Files\PolyB2B\outgoing\PO-D20047-12823.TXT

/<Action>=PUT to send a file or GET to receive a file

Important Note:

Due to how web servers work if you are using PUT then the source needs the full path to the local file, if you are using GET then the Dest needs the full path to where you want the file to be saved.

It relies on a special XML file that describes the FTP site info, this allows you to have multiple site files if you are talking to more than one web server.

Whilst you could manually make the site you don’t need to. Simply run uFTP without any switches and you will see the site maintenance screen

unattended ftp

Example Site file (partial)

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<sites xmlns="">
  <IncomingFolder>C:\Program Files\PolyB2B\incoming</IncomingFolder>
  <OutgoingFolder>C:\Program Files\PolyB2B\outgoing</OutgoingFolder>

NOTE: The password can be supplied in either the site file or the command line. The command line overrides the XML. uFTP supports the [DATE] keyword in filename. When you run the application it will replace any occurrence of the text [DATE] with the current date using the format specified in the supporting application configuration file.

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