GuildLink Online

You may not be aware yet but we have now moved GuildLink online. Speak to PSL about moving to the cloud.

OLD Desktop GuildLink Installation

Polychrome is no longer offering a GuildLink installation service. Please contact your local software support person and refer to the installation guide available from PGNZ or from here GuildLink Installation Guide.

GuildLink Support

We are no longer offering GuildLink support agreements, you will need to contact PGNZ directly for support. Existing agreements with Polychrome will not be renewed.

GuildLink training videos

Most videos have sound as well as titles.  The password has been removed so you can watch as often as you like with or without a support arrangement.

Review date maintenance screens to bulk update the SOP review date info.

Navigation, add, save and find data

How to check for and import new content

How to edit groups and users

How to maintain groups of users and what they can do.

Different groups of users can do different things. You can have a group who cannot see a certain option or who only get read only access and another group who can do everything.

How to update to the latest version

How to edit text using the full screen editor.

How to run a report, set a report range and choose values


GuildLink Software

Before starting please check the system requirements here GuildLink System Requirements
You can download the GuildLink Installer software from here
You can download SQL Server express from here
To check whether you have a 64bit version of Windows right click on Computer and choose properties, check the system type.
The installation guide for technical people can be accessed here GuildLink Installation Guide
Windows 8 Users need SQL Server Express 2008 R2 SP3