Polychrome Products

We have developed a variety of products that add value to existing systems. If you are looking for something special, please look at our custom software development services.

We have developed our own business software framework that drastically reduces the development time of business systems allowing us to reduce the cost to you with compromising on required but expensive functionality such as user rights management and reporting.


GuildLink® is a computer program that provides you with a full set of standard operating procedures (SOP), saving you time & energy. Developed in partnership with Pharmaceutical Services Ltd and The Pharmaceutical Society Of New Zealand this cloud based application manages SOP for over 150 pharmacies throughout New Zealand and is growing every month. GuildLink allows pharmacies to store SOPs and track who is responsible for what in store. With automated reminders and other helpful tools to make staying on top of audit simple.

Attache PRO Tools

  • GL Batch merge
  • Branch copy
  • GL Account deletion
  • Command line SQL Export
  • PDF Extraction tools


Our pdf mailer reads any type of document like an invoice or statement and can extract on page text like the account code. Using these values it can split a 500 page statement run into individual pages and email them using its own database of customer email addresses. The included document learning wizard makes adding more document types easy. There is a custom cover email editor for each document type and you can send additional pdf info like your terms of business. Using the SendGrid emailing platform means very robust delivery of email and traceability via a web portal. You are not restricted to standard accounting forms either, any report can be sent as long as each page contains a distinguishable code like the customer account code so you it can be used for weekly back order reports etc. The included scheduler means it just looks for your pdfs in the predefined folder and it will intelligent determine the document type and process it for you, just save as pdf and go.


PolyMando is our web cart sync engine for Attache PRO. I sends stock info and images, categories and customers and to the Interspire or Kartris shopping cart. It also collects orders as they are received, prints notifications and imports them into Attache PRO.

Polychrome Developed Client Projects

Here is a quick very high level list of products we have written so far

PEKA – Attache PRO stock revaluation

A desktop application to revalue stock based on supplied daily price for gold and silver. Using weight and size dimensions the software calculates the current accurate cost to make an item and the corresponding mark ups are applied to establish a n accurate sales price.

Home Support North – In home care and support, scheduling and invoicing

This started small but is now a large system that handles everything from defining the level of care to scheduling and allocating support workers for the coming weeks. The planning information is used to create a based time sheet and adjustments are then made from actual time sheets received from staff, drastically reducing inputter time and effort. The resulting time sheets are transferred to IMS payroll and used to generate invoices. This is a complex full end to end business solution.

Fully Equipped

Our tools to read custom data from PDFs and build a database that can be searched by staff. The scanned documents contain values that are read via ocr form their photocopier and added as custom tags to the pdf. The tool we wrote reads these tags to build a database that links back to the original document for warranty claims. Thats some pretty smart tech at play!

Vendor Refill Management

Management and scheduling for staff who visit and manage stock for a wide variety of vendors within Bunnings and Mitre 10. The system manages everything from staff allocation and scheduling, visit report recording and reporting through to monthly reporting. The client portal allows customers to view report information on demand in a controlled manner with access only to their specific data. Hand held tablet software is also helping to automate capture of data and upload to a cloud database for remote users. A additional desktop application covers the generate of monthly invoices and storing to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud.

RedBadge Group – Custom Quotations

A front end for Attache BI, this custom quotation system manages specific client needs such as understanding multiples of staff and a range of hours being covered. It then has expanded special pricing to handle automatic surcharges for public holiday cover. Transfer to Attache and Time target for further staff planning round out this system.

Hydraulink Fluid Connectors


The CBLink system fetches a daily export of data from PRONTO and imports it so that nationwide clients can be invoiced at the latest agreed national pricing. The system can then send invoices back to Hydraulink and also push the same data into the local accounting system. CBLink currently talks to ABM, Accredo, Attache PRO, Attache BI and Infusion.


Going back the other way, we export purchase orders created in the local accounting package and send them via FTP to Hydraulink.


HydraTag is an Android application that scans NFC tags attached to plant and hose equipment. The relevant details are captured on the phone and then synced to a cloud database for web based reporting.