Does your stock have an expiry date or best before?


Record best before and expiry dates whilst checking the accuracy of your order pick.

At first it sounds too good to be true, but PRO scanner does just that. You print a picking note from Attache PRO, scan the items on your packing desk and it double checks your scanned items, matching them to the items in Attache PRO. Once you have a successful pick you can choose to write the best before / expiry date back to Attache PRO.

Ensure your pack matches the picking note

When you start a PRO Scanner pack you enter the order number. Then once you have scanned your order, it will read the order from Attache PRO and double check the pick, thus reducing picking mistakes and improving the service you give to your customers and of course reducing costly returns.

Automatically store the best before/ expiry date

When you have a successful pick, press the update PRO button and the best before / expiry date is saved back to Attache PRO.

So how does it work?

The system relies on the use of GS1-128 bar codes. These bar codes can be printed using most bar code label software. The GS1-128 format allows us to encode the GTIN (your unique bar code) as well as a best before date and your Attache PRO part code.PRO scanner can decode this information, along with the order number it can compare the scans with the original order.This means that you can finally record what expiry info relates to the order and with a small change to your invoice design itcan print this on invoice.

There are some limitations because there is only one date on the order line, we can only have one expiry date per line item. For most food items this is not usually a problem.

Open your mind

We are able to make custom versions to suit your unique needs. For example, do you want to store a batch code instead or as well? Save serial numbers on high value items.


  • Attache PRO + OLEDB
  • MS SQL Server or SQL Express (free version)
  • Windows XP, 2000, Vista or Windows 7