Working on the web

This month I started exploring Microsoft Azure.

Starting out with Windows 8

So I wanted to start to get to understand Windows 8. So far so good. I needed a blank PC to run the test on as most of my PCs are set up very specifically. So I purchased a Samsung Series 7 tablet PC and installed Windows 8 and I have to say that I am impressed.

As will all major changes there is a learning curve while we try and make it work the way we are expecting it to work. Once you watch the 3 short videos and stop and think it is amazing.

The tablet hand writing recognition is amazing, tie this to Microsoft OneNote and you have an amazing digital notepad that is searchable and easy to organise. I can finally see me actually using OneNote instead of just thinking that its pretty cool but a lot of effort.

The new start screen was great for me because I already use a Windows Phone so I felt at home. I did find it odd launching the full desktop and not having a Start Icon. Once you adjust to it though its a real improvement. For me the penny dropped when I installed MS Office and the shortcuts appear in the Metro screen. I had thought of them as seperate entities but no, it’s all the same and it’s all good.



Resolving slow row inserts in

wow who would have thought, adding rows to a datatable with a strongly typed dataset is about 10 times faster than an untyped dataset. It’s definately worth the effort if you are importing large CSVs.


I was writing a smal lapp that takes the content from 3 CSV files and loads them into datatables. Then I merge them into a fourth with some business logic thrown in along the way.

Inserting rows without a strongly types dataset was taking ages. I am importing about 50,000 rows and I swear it was taking around 20 mins to run. Of that maybe 3-4 minutes is loading the csv into the datatables. Because we are reading CSV the format is a little unpredictable. I changed that and wrote new exporters so that the formats all match then added a dataset and manually defined the datatable. Now when I read the csv into tables I declare them with the type. The inserts are faster like done from 15 minutes to maybe under a minute.


Amazing who would have thought!


Very cool idea

What ever you think about the wasted paper this is still a very cool idea and shows that people will still find new and novels ways to use existing tech.

Comment on Windows 7

A few things I would like to say without a huge debate

  1. I like Vista and have had a relatively good experience with it but I am still very excited about 7 as it is better
  2. I don’t think it’s fair to call Windows 7 what Vista should have been – 2-3 years on, all products are better and generally because of the prior version – who would have waited another 3 years without panning MS for that?
  3. Having played with 7 it rocks in all the good ways – speed, memory, requirements, power saving
  4. My media centre runs 7 and it’s so much better than Vista – dual tuners yay!
  5. There isn’t enough info about the upgrade and we should be able to buy the upgrade and enter a key into the RC 7100 version and not have to reinstall but that’s life
  6. It always amazes me that some of the nicest features in a new OS were there before. I read an article on 50 neat new things in Windows 7 and one was press the windows key and up to move up a folder in Explorer. Awesome I thought that has long irritated me about Vista. Then I recalled how this is a pattern, new features are often only now being mentioned that were in old versions. So, I tried it in Vista – Bingo it’s there also – it’s still nice though

One final thought – every forum is full of people saying yeah but Mac is better cos  this or that – if you love the Mac great but why waste your time telling PC lovers that? Just go use your super productive err sorry wrong word because where are the business systems? Anyway, go use it and enjoy. Likewise if you love PCs go use that and don’t waste your life (you only get one) bagging Macs. It’s the same with iPhone v the world. I have an iPhone and love it. I’ve had a Nokia N95 – loved that too – so what?

Ok so I lied one last point, PC stands for Personal Computer – if the Mac isn’t a PC then what is it? Is it neither personal or a computer? Sounds about right to this PC lover..Thanks Bill Love your work, always have 🙂