Moved back to WordPress

Found that I just wasn’t getting around to adding content to the Polychrome website. Funny because I have done stuff for paying customers but we all know that if you go to a plumbers the tap will be dripping right?

Anyway, one thing I missed about running the website on WordPress was that I could add content where ever I wanted to and it didn’t need to be a big planned event, I could just grab the iPad and go for it. But I loved having the custom site developed in DreamWeaver because I had fine control over placement.

What to do? well I found a great product from PageLines and their template PlatformPro adds a heck of a lot of extra functionality to WordPress. Enough for me to feel that it was an acceptable compromise. I guess there is always compromise but this was pretty close to what I want – a couple of days effort and here we are.

Moved to new server

Hi there, we finally  moved servers. I think it’s important to practice what you preach, so we are now on the same servers as our customers. To be fair we only stayed on goDaddy for so long because originally I used their hosted Exchange product. Growth has meant that we set up our own server and moved that all in house so the time came for a move.

Talking of growth, I have been so busy that there haven’t been many posts for a while and then with the impending move I was reluctant to blog if I didn’t transfer the content. I shouldnt have worried because WordPress has a great export / import function that made transferring the posts easy as 1,2, 3!

You might see a few gremlins over the new week or two as I am super busy and the blog is always the first to suffer – poor blog.