Time really does fly when you are having fun!

April 2016

Oh my time really does fly, i haven’t updated this for so long as my clients have been keeping my super busy which is great! So in no particular order here is what’s new


March 2014

I cannot believe that time has flown by so fast. Have been so busy over the past couple of years we now have

  • GuildLink going strong in around 150 pharmacies – new version under development
  • VRM visits has move to the web utilising the Microsoft Azure platform
  • PPI have outsourced warehousing with DHL our scheduler manages EDI transfer of the transaction
  • PPI and Mitre 10 EDI invoicing
  • PPI and Bunnings EDI in testing
  • PPI and PlaceMakers EDI in testing
  • Home Support North care workers management and client info system in place and new scheduling module under development
March 2012

Back on the Hydraulink project, added support for Job Costing within Infusion. Wow the Infusion guys are amazing!

January – February 2012

PEKA Agencies wanted a stock repricing system that reprices stock based on proprietary costing algorithms linked to the current exchange rates and market rates for Gold and Silver.

December 2011

Multi tier commission calculations for Natures Sunshine Products. This extension to Attache PRO collects info about sales and uses a points system set on stock items to calculate a resell status, their sales commision and uses its own data to calculate info for reporting and will later create buyer created tax invoices.

November 2011

Working flat out on CBLink for Hydraulink Fluid connectors. This system allows the creation of invoices using info distributed from Hydraulink. It then feeds these back into ABM, Attache Accounts, Attache PRO, Infusion and MYOB. Later it will feed into Accredo also.

October 2011

GuildLink now licensed to over 130 New Zealand Pharmacies.

August 2011

Vendor Refill Management slowing coming upto speed with their new system and loving it.

June 2011

Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand – Polychrome are developing a system called GuildLink that will be offered to over 500 Pharmacy Guild members

March  2011

Vendor Refill Management – back for another extension. This time a serious project that we have been working on for months. This is a resource planning system helping to match staff with the growing work load.

October 2010

Hydraulink Fluid Connectors have asked us to build an interface between their hendheld order collection software and their head office accounting system.

September 2010

New website for Paragon Multiplex  http://www.paragon-multiplex.co.nz/

August 2010

PEKA Agencies  – webstore and Attache PRO integration. Using our now, proven PolyMando integration suite for Attache PRO and Interspire webstore, Peka are now selling their extensive range of jewellery products online.

June 2010

Vendor Refill Management – new web based application to allow contractors to process daily work reports via the internet. This system will remove lots of manual processing and make for a far more productive and efficient process for collating monthly billing information.

April/May 2010

Vendor Refill Management – new bespoke system to replace a rather fragile older system. This software tracks work carried out by contractors and this is then used to provide monthly rpeorting to customers alongside their invoices.

April/May 2010

W. Sexton Limited – new bespoke software to manage their fruit packing factory. The software records fruit transactions as the stock is received from a group of orchards. The system then tracks the stock through packing and despatch. Flexible report make daily reconciliation and per orchard progress available. Next year we hope to extend the system to manage progress payments and cash reconciliation throughout the seasons.

Happy birthday – 1 year old

March 9, 2010 – polychrome

Tony will be presenting to the NZ institue of charted accountants on “The Latest on SME Accounting Software” see more here NZICA.

March 9, 2010 – gonutz

We have developed a bar code scanning application for GoNutz that scans orders and checks them before despatch.

February, 2010 – polychrome

New web site for PowerParts. We are also developing a link between a new web store we are doing for PowerParts and their Attache PRO accounting software. The system is currently being tested and will be launched soon.

December, 2009 – Polychrome

New web site for OSCARS after school care in Auckland www.oscars.co.nz

October, 2009 – Polychrome blog

We moved the blog off to it’s own sub site we needed better control of the SEO on this site. This worked well and the blog is still growing http://blog.polychromenz.com/

September 4, 2009 – Polychrome

New look Polychrome website goes live we hope you like it. Please send your feedback to sales@polychromenz.com

August 27, 2009 – Kalamazoo

New Kalamazoo website goes live – see it here.

August 11, 2009 – Onlooker

Our Onlooker Addin for Outlook is listed on the Microsoft Marketplace USA

July 23, 2009 – Onlooker

Onlooker add to the Microsoft Australia market place

July 3, 2009 – #1 on google

Today we made #1 on Google for the term Business Software Solutions