NZICA Accounting Software presentation

Tony recently presented to the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accounts, more specifically to the IT special interest group.

The topic "The Latest on SME Accounting Software" covered the following points

    • Who are the players in NZ Accounting Software?
    • What do these products do (including strengths/weaknesses)?
    • Where are these products heading?
    • Why should someone buy each product?
    • When will they all play nicely together?


With a quick "How to pick a product" at the end.

If you would like a copy of the slides, they are available here from the resources panel opposite.

Did you know that in most countries the SME sector makes an enormous contribution – in New Zealand, our 350,000 or so SME's make up more than 99% of all businesses and account for about 60% of employment. The SME sector broadly covers micro-enterprises (fewer than 5 staff), small enterprises (6-49) and medium enterprises (50-100). see for more


The Survey

As part of the research for this presentation I surveyed most of the vendors of medium sized accounting solutions in New Zealand. A few didn't respond but those that did form the content for this presentation. This has provided some very useful and valuable information on how to compare the various products.

You can see the following from the extracts of my slides

"Medium sized products comparison"

This chart lists major modules and shows who has what.

"NZ Accounting Market coverage"

It's hard to put a product into a strict box, what is considered advanced functionality in one industry isn't even needed in another. This chart sets out to show the range of coverage relative to other products available. In the interests of fairness I am obliged to point out that many/most can argue the case for movement up or down the scale a little. What is interesting is just how much overlap there is in what is no doubt a crowded and very small market place.

Need some help?

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